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Important: Follow Each Of These Steps Below

Download the free 39 page AdSense Advantage: HyperVRE Case Study
by "right clicking" here and selecting "Save Target As..." from the menu.

After you've downloaded the zip file, you'll need to unzip it.

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"Super-Easy, Money-Making Strategies For Giving Away This eBook"

Give It Away As a Free Gift
Give away the eBook as a free gift to your email list subscribers. This is a great way to help build a credible relationship with them - which is the most important thing to do with your list. By giving them a free quality gift, you're helping them out. And remember, when you help your list profit, they'll help you profit. Building a trusting relationship goes a long way in email marketing!

Use Google Adwords
Use the PPC search engine to give away your branded eBook. You can use the eBook to entice visitors to sign up for your own newsletter or mailing list. Plus, once they read the eBook and decide to purchase a copy of HyperVRE, you'll be credited almost $50!

Fast Action BONUS Product
If you have a product or service that you're selling, give your eBook away as a Bonus. You'll be doing two great things here: you'll be adding more quality and credibility to your product, and you'll be increasing your backend sales opportunities through the affiliate links in the eBook.

Email or Forum Signatures
Place a short blurb in your email message signature that gives all of your readers the opportunity to download your eBook. Invite each and every one of them download your Free gift. You'll be surprised how many people will be thrilled to receive your free gift - especially one of this quality.

Check out the pre-written sigs below. Just copy/paste them and add your download link. It can't get any easier than that!

Create a Power-Packed Salespage
Create your own website salescopy. Below, I've included 3 different graphics of the eBook that you can use on your web site. Feel free to download the images and use any or all of them.

If anyone ever asks a question in an Internet Marketing ("IM") forum about email marketing strategies, simply give them a copy of the eBook by posting your download link. Almost all questions about email marketing that are asked in an IM forum can be answered with this eBook. Note: be on the look-out for "newbies" to the IM world. This book will be a prime resource for them!

Write Articles or Reviews
You can write personal articles or reviews on AdSense strategies. In your short resource box, be sure to give each reader the opportunity to download your free eBook that contains your many unique affiliate links! If you write quality articles, your readers will certainly want more where that came from - and you have answer for them. Give 'em the branded eBook and make some cash by simply writing a few articles!

The step-by-step method starts today.

All the best,

Jay Casif



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