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Local Pay Per Click Campaigns, The Long Tail KeyWords

Why should you be advertising local online?

Keyword competition. Simple!

If you're already using Pay Per Click to advertise online you'll realize that the costs per click can be pretty steep in most markets for the main most competitive Keywords.

With competition for highly searched for Keywords getting tougher you should be considering other, better options to cut your marketing spend and increase your ROI, particularly when it comes to Pay Per Click.

Enter 'The Long Tail' or 'Search Tail"?

Never heard these terms before?

Chris Anderson, the guy that coined the phrase, defines it in a nutshell; 'The theory of the Long Tail is that our culture and economy is increasingly shifting away from a focus on a relatively small number of "hits" (mainstream products and markets) at the head of the demand curve and toward a huge number of niches in the tail'

When it comes to Pay Per Click, for 'head of the demand curve' read Keyword and for 'niches in the tail' read Keyphrase.

In the context of the search engines the Keyphrase represents a Keyword grouped with a number of other words that help to better target the Keyword. The end result is a Keyphrase.

Keyword = widget
Keyphrase = buy small blue widget new york

As you can see this Keyphrase is very specific. The search engine user that entered this Keyphrase is targeting their search exactly, or as close as they possibly can, to what they want.

In this context 'The Long Tail' is simply the larger but more specific search term used.

This search term will get less searches per month as it's more specific to an individual. But being more specific the Keyphrase or 'The Long Tail' is more targeted and as such it represents an opportunity for you!

In fact, Google estimates that almost 50 percent of all searches are one-of-a-kind. That's more than 100 million unique searches per day on Google alone.

In simple terms there are a number of distinct advantages to targeting a Keyphrase like this in your marketing -

1: Your prospect is being very specific and in being so they're much closer to becoming a customer!

The chances are they started off with a search for 'widget' and then began to refine this search as the results returned where not to their liking. They refined their search by getting more specific and adding 'filter' words to their search term. The more specific they get the nearer they are to making a purchase. If you can place your site in front of a prospect at the Keyphrase point you are much more likely to achieve a sale or desired action!

2: As a smart Marketer you will have less competition for this Keyphrase.

Your competition will continue to lose out targeting 'widget' and slight variations there of. Essential they're targeting prospects at the head rather than the 'The Long Tail', the prospects that are more likely to be in research mode.

3: With less competition in terms of Pay Per Click Advertising your click costs will fall dramatically.

Let me give you another example, this time in the savings you can make with your Pay Per Click advertising.

e.g. Keyword = mortgage

We all know how expensive and competitive it is per click for this term. Plus as it's so broad you will be paying for clicks from prospects that are in research mode.

Now consider this -

Keyphrase = apply mortgage newark

As you can see here your prospect is being very specific. How much closer does that make them to becoming a customer? You will more than likely find fewer advertisers using this term and as such you will achieve a lower cost per click. ;)

So in essence you will be targeting your prospects better, achieving a better conversion rate and lowering your click cost.

So how do you start targeting these prospects more accurately?

Probably the easiest way to begin targeting 'The Long Tail' is by targeting localities. By simply adding a town or city to your main keyword you can cut your costs, target your prospects more accurately and increase your conversions.

Put yourself in your prospects shoes.

What would you type in if you needed a mortgage today?

Would you like to meet your broker? Probably, so you'll definitely start by using your locality as a 'filter' word - 'newark'.

What next?

How about the type of mortgage you're looking for - 'variable rate'.

You want to apply online now, then you can move on to other things, so 'apply' is a must.

So what do we have?

'apply variable rate mortgage newark'

But there are problems here. What if your Keyword list is 100 strong? What if you're promoting a product or service, which is equally available nationally or even internationally?

Adding the above locality or words by hand is going to take a loooong time!

Or is it?

Not anymore.

How would you like to target your entire region with local towns and city's with ONE CLICK and a few seconds?

How would you like to further add a 'filter' word with ONE CLICK and a few seconds?

Who wouldn't right? How much time and effort would you save? How many more campaigns could you set up in the time saved? How much of an increase would you see to your bottom line and ROI?

Introducing PPC Localizer, the fastest and easiest way to target 'The Long Tail' and boost your profits.

PPC Localizer is a software tool designed specifically to solve the problems above and explode your Pay Per Click profits. Check PPC Localizer here

Jay Casif

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